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How about some Kenpo until we get our own files produced and uploaded?

The below pdf file will serve to illustrate some basic self defense techniques from the Kenpo (Kempo Karate) style until we can get some of our own videos and still photos of the A.R.M.E.D. self defense program uploaded. [ ARMED draws from many styles plus incorporating an 'American back alley twist' to our program }

Kenpo is an Okinawan fighting style that has become popular in the U.S.  Much of it is actually effective in real street or combat situations (unlike some of the sports focused styles which are not).  The pdf illustrations show some basic strikes, elbow techniques, blocking, and some intro kicking.  Popularized by Ed Parker "The Father of American Kenpo" some of his more famous students were Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen.

Copying or redistributing the Kenpo pdf below (or the other articles as well) is prohibited but feel free to download them to your hard drive for your own private use.



The A.R.M.E.D. philosophy of succesful self defense training and application is that of skill level, speed, and confident relaxation, over that of brute force "bulked muscular" power building.  Since we need to be focused on speed and proper conditioning, lets do some "insider studying" on one of the best.  What were Bruce Lee's real secrets that made him the awesome true martial artist that he was? 

Read on and absorb the understanding -----

Bruce Lee 1

Bruce Lee 2

Bruce Lee 3