Pearisburg Virginia Students: 

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 Contact info for new students is at class.     

'A.R.M.E.D.'    Street Jiu Jitsu
American Realistic Multiple Educational Defenses (copyright). 

Registered member in the 'WIMAAO' World International Martial Arts Association Organization; 

& World Kickboxing League  --  Local affiliation Pearisburg/Pembroke, Virginia

 Small private classes only -- superior results produced.

Fellows - learn power hand smashes, combat kicks, and ground grappling to stand your ground against criminal bullies.

Girls - enjoy getting in shape by class kickboxing workouts, mastering traditional martial arts forms (hyungs), as well as learning street self defenses.


Outdoor family sports skills are part of our course requirement to achieve an A.R.M.E.D. black belt, as pictured below.    (Backpacking tent set up)









 Senior Instructor For A.R.M.E.D.

Kenneth W. Lent, 3rd  Level  A.R.M.E.D. Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Black belts in Korean Army original style Taekwondo ITF (General Choi Hong Hi, founder), Hosin Jitsu, and Street Martial Arts.   25 year instructor in Outdoor Family Sportsmanship "in the field", and Home Emergency Safety Skills.

Ken -- with BIGFOOT our Sportsman's Group backpack worker and all around "good guy" !


 Below:  Certified matches are available through our class membership for those wanting to compete via the World Kickboxing League.  (WIMAAO) 

 [ Or class students may also just attend at ringside for any USA event within driving distance without competing.   Travel expenses not provided ]